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Walk meaning

walk - 27 dictionary results

  1. 1. use one's feet to advance; advance by steps; " Walk, don't run!"; " We walked instead of driving"; " She walks with a slight limp"; " The patient cannot walk yet"; " Walk over to the cabinet"
  2. 2. accompany or escort; " I'll walk you to your car"
  3. 3. traverse or cover by walking; " Walk the tightrope"; " Paul walked the streets of Damascus"; " She walks 3 miles every day"
  4. 4. walk at a pace; " The horsese walked across the meadow"
  5. 5. In coffee, coconut, and other plantations, the space between them.
  6. 6. A place for keeping and training puppies.
  7. 7. An inclosed area of some extent to which a gamecock is confined to prepare him for fighting.
  8. 8. To put or keep ( a puppy) in a walk; to train ( puppies) in a walk.
  9. 9. To move in a manner likened to walking.
  10. 10. To move along on foot; to advance by steps; to go on at a moderate pace; specifically, of two- legged creatures, to proceed at a slower or faster rate, but without running, or lifting one foot entirely before the other touches the ground.
  11. 11. To move or go on the feet for exercise or amusement; to take one's exercise; to ramble.
  12. 12. To be in motion; to act; to move; to wag.
  13. 13. To behave; to pursue a course of life; to conduct one's self.
  14. 14. To move off; to depart.
  15. 15. To pass through, over, or upon; to traverse; to perambulate; as, to walk the streets.
  16. 16. To cause to walk; to lead, drive, or ride with a slow pace; as to walk one's horses.
  17. 17. To subject, as cloth or yarn, to the fulling process; to full.
  18. 18. The act of walking, or moving on the feet with a slow pace; advance without running or leaping.
  19. 19. The act of walking for recreation or exercise; as, a morning walk; an evening walk.
  20. 20. Manner of walking; gait; step; as, we often know a person at a distance by his walk.
  21. 21. That in or through which one walks; place or distance walked over; a place for walking; a path or avenue prepared for foot passengers, or for taking air and exercise; way; road; hence, a place or region in which animals may graze; place of wandering; range; as, a sheep walk.
  22. 22. A frequented track; habitual place of action; sphere; as, the walk of the historian.
  23. 23. Conduct; course of action; behavior.
  24. 24. The route or district regularly served by a vender; as, a milkman's walk.
  25. 25. To be stirring; to be abroad; to go restlessly about; - said of things or persons expected to remain quiet, as a sleeping person, or the spirit of a dead person; to go about as a somnambulist or a specter.
  26. 26. Act or manner of walking; place for walking; conduct.
  27. 27. To move by steps without running; to live: behave.

walk - examples of usage

  1. We can walk behind. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.
  2. Shall we walk on a little?" - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  3. I want a long walk. - "The Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four Macnicols", William Black.
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