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Round meaning

round - 56 dictionary results

  1. 1. the course along which communications spread; " the story is going the rounds in Washington"
  2. 2. become round, plump, or shapely; " The young woman is fleshing out"
  3. 3. attack in speech or writing; " The editors of the left- leaning paper attacked the new House Speaker"
  4. 4. wind around; move along a circular course; " round the bend"
  5. 5. ( of numbers) to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand; " in round numbers"
  6. 6. On all sides; around.
  7. 7. To whisper.
  8. 8. Having every portion of the surface or of the circumference equally distant from the center; spherical; circular; having a form approaching a spherical or a circular shape; orbicular; globular; as, a round ball.
  9. 9. Having the form of a cylinder; cylindrical; as, the barrel of a musket is round.
  10. 10. Having a curved outline or form; especially, one like the arc of a circle or an ellipse, or a portion of the surface of a sphere; rotund; bulging; protuberant; not angular or pointed; as, a round arch; round hills.
  11. 11. Not inconsiderable; large; hence, generous; free; as, a round price.
  12. 12. Uttered or emitted with a full tone; as, a round voice; a round note.
  13. 13. Outspoken; plain and direct; unreserved; unqualified; not mincing; as, a round answer; a round oath.
  14. 14. A series of changes or events ending where it began; a series of like events recurring in continuance; a cycle; a periodical revolution; as, the round of the seasons; a round of pleasures.
  15. 15. A course of action or conduct performed by a number of persons in turn, or one after another, as if seated in a circle.
  16. 16. A series of duties or tasks which must be performed in turn, and then repeated.
  17. 17. A circular dance.
  18. 18. That which goes round a whole circle or company; as, a round of applause.
  19. 19. Rotation, as in office; succession.
  20. 20. The step of a ladder; a rundle or rung; also, a crosspiece which joins and braces the legs of a chair.
  21. 21. A course ending where it began; a circuit; a beat; especially, one freguently or regulary traversed; also, the act of traversing a circuit; as, a watchman's round; the rounds of the postman.
  22. 22. A general discharge of firearms by a body of troops in which each soldier fires once.
  23. 23. Ammunition for discharging a piece or pieces once; as, twenty rounds of ammunition were given out.
  24. 24. A short vocal piece, resembling a catch in which three or four voices follow each other round in a species of canon in the unison.
  25. 25. The time during which prize fighters or boxers are in actual contest without an intermission, as prescribed by their rules; a bout.
  26. 26. A vessel filled, as for drinking.
  27. 27. An assembly; a group; a circle; as, a round of politicians.
  28. 28. See Roundtop.
  29. 29. Same as Round of beef, below.
  30. 30. Circularly; in a circular form or manner; by revolving or reversing one's position; as, to turn one's head round; a wheel turns round.
  31. 31. In circumference; as, a ball is ten inches round.
  32. 32. By or in a circuit; by a course longer than the direct course; back to the starting point.
  33. 33. Through a circle, as of friends or houses.
  34. 34. Roundly; fully; vigorously.
  35. 35. On every side of, so as to encompass or encircle; around; about; as, the people atood round him; to go round the city; to wind a cable round a windlass.
  36. 36. To make circular, spherical, or cylindrical; to give a round or convex figure to; as, to round a silver coin; to round the edges of anything.
  37. 37. To surround; to encircle; to encompass.
  38. 38. To bring to fullness or completeness; to complete; hence, to bring to a fit conclusion.
  39. 39. To go round wholly or in part; to go about ( a corner or point); as, to round a corner; to round Cape Horn.
  40. 40. To make full, smooth, and flowing; as, to round periods in writing.
  41. 41. To grow round or full; hence, to attain to fullness, completeness, or perfection.
  42. 42. To go round, as a guard.
  43. 43. To go or turn round; to wheel about.
  44. 44. Full; complete; not broken; not fractional; approximately in even units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.; - said of numbers.
  45. 45. Modified, as a vowel, by contraction of the lip opening, making the opening more or less round in shape; rounded; labialized; labial. See Guide to Pronunciation, 11.
  46. 46. Full and smoothly expanded; not defective or abrupt; finished; polished; - said of style, or of authors with reference to their style.
  47. 47. Complete and consistent; fair; just; - applied to conduct.
  48. 48. Anything round, as a circle, a globe, a ring. The golden round [ the crown].
  49. 49. A walk performed by a guard or an officer round the rampart of a garrison, or among sentinels, to see that the sentinels are faithful and all things safe; also, the guard or officer, with his attendants, who performs this duty; - usually in the plural.
  50. 50. Same as of beef, below.
  51. 51. From one side or party to another; as to come or turn round, - that is, to change sides or opinions.
  52. 52. A circle or globe; regular course; step of a ladder; volley.
  53. 53. Around; about.
  54. 54. Circular; globular; cylindrical; plump; positive.
  55. 55. On all sides; circularly.
  56. 56. To make or become round or complete.

round - examples of usage

  1. The great sea was round us. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. This, I saw as I came round the house. - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
  3. " Yes," he said, looking round. - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
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