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Fluffy meaning

fluffy - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. Pertaining to, or resembling, fluff or nap; soft and downy.
  2. 2. Consisting of, or covered with, light down; downy; feathery.
  3. 3. Fluffiness.

fluffy - examples of usage

  1. The girl had on a long opera cloak with some fluffy white material round the neck and down the front.
  2. Now, she helped to chafe the hands of her who lay there in that costly carriage with her brown hair making a soft frame for her pale face which lay upon the lap of one who loved her with the kind of love an ignorant, older woman gives to one she much admires and who is far superior to her in every possible way; this woman smoothed the fluffy hair back from the high white brow, now, and spoke to her as if she were her baby instead of one whom she looked up to and respected: There ...
  3. Cosmo hunched his lovely grey fluffy back into an arch, and spat.
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