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Body meaning

body - 17 dictionary results

  1. 1. The material organized substance of an animal, whether living or dead, as distinguished from the spirit, or vital principle; the physical person.
  2. 2. The trunk, or main part, of a person or animal, as distinguished from the limbs and head; the main, central, or principal part, as of a tree, army, country, etc.
  3. 3. The real, as opposed to the symbolical; the substance, as opposed to the shadow.
  4. 4. A number of individuals spoken of collectively, usually as united by some common tie, or as organized for some purpose; a collective whole or totality; a corporation; as, a legislative body; a clerical body.
  5. 5. A number of things or particulars embodied in a system; a general collection; as, a great body of facts; a body of laws or of divinity.
  6. 6. Any mass or portion of matter; any substance distinct from others; as, a metallic body; a moving body; an aeriform body.
  7. 7. Amount; quantity; extent.
  8. 8. That part of a garment covering the body, as distinguished from the parts covering the limbs.
  9. 9. The bed or box of a vehicle, on or in which the load is placed; as, a wagon body; a cart body.
  10. 10. The shank of a type, or the depth of the shank ( by which the size is indicated); as, a nonpareil face on an agate body.
  11. 11. A figure that has length, breadth, and thickness; any solid figure.
  12. 12. Consistency; thickness; substance; strength; as, this color has body; wine of a good body.
  13. 13. To furnish with, or as with, a body; to produce in definite shape; to embody.
  14. 14. The central, longitudinal framework of a flying machine, to which are attached the planes or aerocurves, passenger accommodations, controlling and propelling apparatus, fuel tanks, etc.
  15. 15. A person; a human being; - frequently in composition; as, anybody, nobody.
  16. 16. The trunk of a man or animal; substance; a person; mass; a collection of individuals.
  17. 17. To give form or body to.

body - examples of usage

  1. Explains how to reset your body clock by following a carefully timed program of light and dark.
  2. A body would think there had never been any joke before. - "A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth", William Dean Howells.
  3. I will put this old body of mine between. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.
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