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Zollverein meaning

Zollverein - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Literally, a customs union; specifically, applied to the several customs unions successively formed under the leadership of Prussia among certain German states for establishing liberty of commerce among themselves and common tariff on imports, exports, and transit.
  2. 2. The German customs union, formed in 1827 and gradually extended, with the aim of establishing uniform rates.

Zollverein - examples of usage

  1. The Zollverein was established, the Teutonic Federation became closer, and the lead of Prussia more decided. - "The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife", Edward Carpenter.
  2. In his letters urging the imperial government to find an immediate remedy for this unfortunate condition of things, he acknowledged that there was " something captivating in the project of forming this vast British Empire into one huge Zollverein, with free interchange of commodities, and uniform duties against the world without; though perhaps without some federal legislation it might have been impossible to carry it out." - "Lord Elgin", John George Bourinot.
  3. The best solution would probably be an intercolonial Zollverein, towards which events seem to be tending. - "Six Letters From the Colonies", Robert Seaton.
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