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Zapotec meaning

Zapotec - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. the language of the Zapotec people
  2. 2. a member of of a large tribe of Mesoamericans living in southern Mexico whose civilization flourished around 300 to 900
  3. 3. of or relating to the language or culture of the Zapotec people

Zapotec - examples of usage

  1. We named the three animals Mixe, Zapotec, and Chontal, from three tribes through whose country we expected to pass. - "In Indian Mexico (1908)", Frederick Starr.
  2. He was a young man, an indian in the usual dress, apparently a Zapotec. - "In Indian Mexico (1908)", Frederick Starr.
  3. The old Mixe, carrying his burden, had probably encountered the young Zapotec and had words with him. - "In Indian Mexico (1908)", Frederick Starr.
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