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Yemen meaning

yemen - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. a republic on the southwestern shores of the Arabian Peninsula on the Indian Ocean; formed in 1990

yemen - examples of usage

  1. If slaves thou fain wouldst have by thousands every day Or, kneeling at thy feet, see kings of mickle might, And horses eke wouldst have led to thee day by day And girls, high- breasted maids, and damsels black and white, Lo under my command the land of Yemen is And trenchant is my sword against the foe in fight. - "Tales from the Arabic Volume 3", John Payne.
  2. It was she who was the cause of my coming out from Yemen, and now the time is past for which I engaged with my people and I fear lest my father levy his troops and come forth in quest of me, for that he hath no child other than myself and cannot brook to be parted from me; and on like wise is it with my mother." - "Tales from the Arabic Volume 3", John Payne.
  3. So the queen sent after her and she came to her, whereupon she made her stand behind the curtain and gave her to know that El Abbas was the king's son of Yemen and that these were his mamelukes. - "Tales from the Arabic Volume 3", John Payne.
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