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Waist meaning

waist - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. That part of the human body which is immediately below the ribs or thorax; the small part of the body between the thorax and hips.
  2. 2. Hence, the middle part of other bodies; especially ( Naut.), that part of a vessel's deck, bulwarks, etc., which is between the quarter- deck and the forecastle; the middle part of the ship.
  3. 3. A garment, or part of a garment, which covers the body from the neck or shoulders to the waist line.
  4. 4. A girdle or belt for the waist.
  5. 5. Part of the human body between the ribs and hips: middle part of a ship.

waist - examples of usage

  1. He put his arm round her waist. - "Liza of Lambeth", W. Somerset Maugham.
  2. Then slowly she felt Tom's arm steal round her waist, cautiously, as though it were afraid of being there; this time both she and Tom were happy. - "Liza of Lambeth", W. Somerset Maugham.
  3. Even as the words came to me, something in the darkness gripped my waist. - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
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