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Wainscot meaning

wainscot - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. Oaken timber or boarding.
  2. 2. A wooden lining or boarding of the walls of apartments, usually made in panels.
  3. 3. Any one of numerous species of European moths of the family Leucanidae.
  4. 4. To line with boards or panelwork, or as if with panelwork; as, to wainscot a hall.
  5. 5. Panelled boards on the walls of apartments.
  6. 6. To line with panels.

wainscot - examples of usage

  1. He contrasted all this with his accustomed nest in the garret- room of the doctor's mansion; where the only sounds he heard at night were the church- clock telling the hour; the drowsy voice of the watchman, drawling out all was well; the deep snoring of the doctor's clubbed nose from below stairs; or the cautious labours of some carpenter rat gnawing in the wainscot. - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.
  2. A few worn steps of snowy stone, and a Gothic doorway, with the oak door standing open, showed more girls within against the wainscot; all were pretty; and all wore blue serge, with white aprons and long cambric cuffs, square bib- collars trimmed with lace, and Normandy caps with streamers of fine lawn. - "Peccavi", E. W. Hornung.
  3. Dorcas, in our absence, tried to get at the wainscot- box in the dark closet. - "Clarissa, Volume 5 (of 9)", Samuel Richardson.
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