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Vitriolate meaning

Vitriolate - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. To convert into, or change to, a vitriol; to make into sulphuric acid or a sulphate.
  2. 2. To subject to the action of, or impregnate with, vitriol.
  3. 3. Vitriolated.
  4. 4. A sulphate.

Vitriolate - examples of usage

  1. On this we pour'd fair Water, which it did not Colour Green or Blew, but only seem'd to make a muddy mixture with it, then stopping the Vial wherein the Ingredients were put, we let it stand in a quiet place for some dayes, and after many hours the water having dissolv'd a good part of the imperfectly calcin'd Body, the Vitriolate Corpuscles swiming to and fro in the Liquor, had time by their opportune Occursions to constitute many little Masses of Vitriol, which gave the water they impregnated a fair Vitriolate Colour; and this Liquor being pour'd off, the remaining dirty Powder did in process of time communicate the like Colour, but not so deep, to a second parcel of cleer Water that we pour'd on it. - "Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours (1664)", Robert Boyle.
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