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Versed meaning

versed - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. of Verse
  2. 2. Acquainted or familiar, as the result of experience, study, practice, etc.; skilled; practiced.
  3. 3. Turned.
  4. 4. Exercised; well acquainted; skilled.

versed - examples of usage

  1. One could always change one's place, and being somewhat versed in common law, she felt reasonably secure in such small pecadilloes as she had seen fit to commit while in the employ of the Brewsters.
  2. His son Benjamin, the future judge, was born in 1716, was probably educated at William and Mary, and entered a clerk's office, in the duties of which he was profoundly versed.
  3. " I- I don't think they will," said Flora, hesitatingly, not being well versed on the subject.
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