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Vagabond meaning

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vagabond - examples of usage

  1. " He's not come yet," muttered the other, sullenly; adding, sharply and bitterly, " Mighty good friends you all are, to wish her married to a beggar, a vagabond harper, rather than to a gentleman."
  2. Having obtained letters from the pope, even as I wished, on my return I passed by a certain castle, as my way led me from the city; and behold the officers thereof came about me, laying hold upon me, and saying, 'This vagabond who makes himself out to be a Scotchman is either a spy or bears letters from the false pope Alexander.
  3. The judge, in well- meant pity, was for concealing this from the young man, but the latter had heard the name often enough from his mother, and he went at once to the gaol where the vagabond had been located.
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