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Tweed meaning

tweed - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. A soft and flexible fabric for men's wear, made wholly of wool except in some inferior kinds, the wool being dyed, usually in two colors, before weaving.

tweed - examples of usage

  1. This youth was attired in a coarse sailor's jersey and a pair of gray tweed trousers, which he had considerably outgrown.
  2. In conversation with him was a powerful man dressed in a yellow tweed suit and green scarf.
  3. The wind was south and affectionate, and the road in front of the hotel " fleck'd with silver," and my friend's wife, and the corresponding object of interest to myself, being on the other side of Ben Lomond and the Tweed, we had nothing for it after supper but to walk up and down with one another, and talk of the past.
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