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Try meaning

try - 18 dictionary results

  1. 1. To purify or refine, as metals; to melt out, and procure in a pure state, as oil, tallow, lard, etc.
  2. 2. To prove by experiment; to apply a test to, for the purpose of determining the quality; to examine; to prove; to test; as, to try weights or measures by a standard; to try a man's opinions.
  3. 3. To subject to severe trial; to put to the test; to cause suffering or trouble to.
  4. 4. To experiment with; to test by use; as, to try a remedy for disease; to try a horse.
  5. 5. To strain; to subject to excessive tests; as, the light tries his eyes; repeated disappointments try one's patience.
  6. 6. To examine or investigate judicially; to examine by witnesses or other judicial evidence and the principles of law; as, to try a cause, or a criminal.
  7. 7. To settle; to decide; to determine; specifically, to decide by an appeal to arms; as, to try rival claims by a duel; to try conclusions.
  8. 8. To experience; to have or gain knowledge of by experience.
  9. 9. To essay; to attempt; to endeavor.
  10. 10. To exert strength; to endeavor; to make an effort or an attempt; as, you must try hard if you wish to learn.
  11. 11. To do; to fare; as, how do you try!
  12. 12. A screen, or sieve, for grain.
  13. 13. Act of trying; attempt; experiment; trial.
  14. 14. Refined; select; excellent; choice.
  15. 15. To divide or separate, as one sort from another; to winnow; to sift; to pick out; - frequently followed by out; as, to try out the wild corn from the good.
  16. 16. In Rugby and Northern Union football, a score ( counting three points) made by grounding the ball on or behind the opponent's goal line; - so called because it entitles the side making it to a place kick for a goal ( counting two points more if successful)
  17. 17. To endeavor.
  18. 18. To test; examine carefully; investigate judicially; purify; attempt.

try - examples of usage

  1. You may try it. - "Umboo, the Elephant", Howard R. Garis.
  2. Why not try to do them good?
  3. O, papa, do try and find her.
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