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Trumpet meaning

trumpet - 2 dictionary results

trumpet - examples of usage

  1. After which, they passed to the chamber wherein the prisoner was kept; and, having brought him forth, sounded a trumpet, which was a signal to them without that the enterprize was performed. - "Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)", Walter Scott.
  2. The human voice is a combination of reed organ, pipe organ, trumpet, and violin; and can produce in its tiny music box- only about two inches long by one inch wide- all the tones and qualities of tones that can be produced on all these instruments, except that it cannot go quite so high or so low. - "A Handbook of Health", Woods Hutchinson.
  3. Nothing was now heard but confusion; the pilot having just left the ship, the hoarse voice of the captain resounded through a speaking trumpet, while the seamen were busy in making sail. - "Narrative of a Voyage to India; of a Shipwreck on board the Lady Castlereagh; and a Description of New South Wales", W. B. Cramp.
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