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Traveler meaning

traveler - 5 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who travels; one who has traveled much.
  2. 2. A commercial agent who travels for the purpose of receiving orders for merchants, making collections, etc.
  3. 3. A traveling crane. See under Crane.
  4. 4. The metal loop which travels around the ring surrounding the bobbin, in a ring spinner.
  5. 5. An iron encircling a rope, bar, spar, or the like, and sliding thereon.

traveler - examples of usage

  1. All the trains were being watched; and in spite of this he had to walk boldly to the station, buy a ticket, and pass himself off for an ordinary traveler. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
  2. One was a commercial traveler, busy making up his weekly statement to the firm. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
  3. The traveler will find it a great waste of time and temper to pass his goods through the custom- house himself. - "Two Years in Oregon", Wallis Nash.
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