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Tomato meaning

tomato - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. The fruit of a plant of the Nightshade family ( Lycopersicum esculentun); also, the plant itself. The fruit, which is called also love apple, is usually of a rounded, flattened form, but often irregular in shape. It is of a bright red or yellow color, and is eaten either cooked or uncooked.
  2. 2. A garden vegetable, and its fruit.

tomato - examples of usage

  1. The kid she meant belonged to the Tomato Ketchup woman. - "Friendship Village", Zona Gale.
  2. Prepare one tomato for each person. - "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book", Myrtle Reed.
  3. On each slice of tomato arrange some shredded sweet pepper, fried. - "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book", Myrtle Reed.
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