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Tabacco meaning

Tabacco - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Tobacco.

Tabacco - examples of usage

  1. Misson, the French traveller, who was here in 1698, after remarking that " Tabacco" is very much used in England, says that " the very Women take it in abundance, particularly in the Western Counties. - "The Social History of Smoking", G. L. Apperson.
  2. We wonder that in certain Places it should be common for Women to take Tabacco; and why should we wonder at it? - "The Social History of Smoking", G. L. Apperson.
  3. Of these people those that dwell upon the branches of Orenoque, called Capuri, and Macureo, are for the most part carpenters of canoas; for they make the most and fairest canoas; and sell them into Guiana for gold and into Trinidad for tabacco, in the excessive taking whereof they exceed all nations. - "The Discovery of Guiana", Sir Walter Raleigh.
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