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Ta'en meaning

Ta'en - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. p. p. of Ta, to take, or a contraction of Taken.

Ta'en - examples of usage

  1. For intense realism it has rarely ever been surpassed- He has ta'en the table wi' his hand, He garr'd the red wine spring on hie- " Now Christ's curse on my head," he said, But avenged on Lord Scroope I'll be!
  2. He flew to raise her- but 'twas in vain: Her spirit its flight in fear had ta'en!
  3. Dickie's ta'en leave o' lord and master; I wat a merry fule was he! - "Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)", Walter Scott.
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