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Start meaning

start - 24 dictionary results

  1. 1. a line indicating the location of the start of a race or a game
  2. 2. the time at which something is supposed to begin; " they got an early start"; " she knew from the get- go that he was the man for her"
  3. 3. play in the starting line- up
  4. 4. get going or set in motion; " We simply could not start the engine"; " start up the computer"
  5. 5. To leap; to jump.
  6. 6. To move suddenly, as with a spring or leap, from surprise, pain, or other sudden feeling or emotion, or by a voluntary act.
  7. 7. To set out; to commence a course, as a race or journey; to begin; as, to start business.
  8. 8. To become somewhat displaced or loosened; as, a rivet or a seam may start under strain or pressure.
  9. 9. To cause to move suddenly; to disturb suddenly; to startle; to alarm; to rouse; to cause to flee or fly; as, the hounds started a fox.
  10. 10. To bring onto being or into view; to originate; to invent.
  11. 11. To cause to move or act; to set going, running, or flowing; as, to start a railway train; to start a mill; to start a stream of water; to start a rumor; to start a business.
  12. 12. To move suddenly from its place or position; to displace or loosen; to dislocate; as, to start a bone; the storm started the bolts in the vessel.
  13. 13. To pour out; to empty; to tap and begin drawing from; as, to start a water cask.
  14. 14. The act of starting; a sudden spring, leap, or motion, caused by surprise, fear, pain, or the like; any sudden motion, or beginning of motion.
  15. 15. A convulsive motion, twitch, or spasm; a spasmodic effort.
  16. 16. A sudden, unexpected movement; a sudden and capricious impulse; a sally; as, starts of fancy.
  17. 17. The beginning, as of a journey or a course of action; first motion from a place; act of setting out; the outset; -- opposed to finish.
  18. 18. A tail, or anything projecting like a tail.
  19. 19. The handle, or tail, of a plow; also, any long handle.
  20. 20. The curved or inclined front and bottom of a water- wheel bucket.
  21. 21. The arm, or level, of a gin, drawn around by a horse.
  22. 22. A sudden movement; spring; beginning of motion; outset.
  23. 23. To cause to start; rouse; set in motion; originate; loosen.
  24. 24. To move suddenly; spring; beging.

start - examples of usage

  1. But she was engaged to be married, he remembered with a start. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  2. She thought, with a start, that she was no longer engaged. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  3. I gave a start. - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
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