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Singe meaning

singe - 11 dictionary results

  1. 1. To burn slightly or superficially; to burn the surface of; to burn the ends or outside of; as, to singe the hair or the skin.
  2. 2. To remove the nap of ( cloth), by passing it rapidly over a red- hot bar, or over a flame, preliminary to dyeing it.
  3. 3. To remove the hair or down from ( a plucked chicken or the like) by passing it over a flame.
  4. 4. A burning of the surface; a slight burn.
  5. 5. Singer.
  6. 6. To burn slightly or on the surface; to scorch; to burn so as to remove down, as a fowl.
  7. 7. A slight burn; an outside, or surface, burn.
  8. 8. Singed.
  9. 9. Singeing.
  10. 10. A scorching.
  11. 11. To scorch; scorch the hair off.

singe - examples of usage

  1. Bold, fearless, untiring, cruel often, at other times kind and firm, they went into new seas and lands, seeking a Northwest Passage, or to " singe the beard of the King of Spain," or to find the legendary treasures of the New Indies- yet all of them were serving unconsciously the genius of their race in laying the foundations of new worlds. - "The Princess Pocahontas", Virginia Watson.
  2. So he thinks he shall take to the sea again For one more cruise with his buccaneers, To singe the beard of the King of Spain, And capture another Dean of Jaen And sell him in Algiers. - "The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow", Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  3. To destroy those ships before the monarch's face, would be, indeed, to " singe his beard." - "History of the United Netherlands, 1586-89, Vol. II. Complete", John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: February 7, 2009.
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