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Silvery meaning

silvery - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Resembling, or having the luster of, silver; grayish white and lustrous; of a mild luster; bright.
  2. 2. Besprinkled or covered with silver.
  3. 3. Having the clear, musical tone of silver; soft and clear in sound; as, silvery voices; a silvery laugh.
  4. 4. Like silver; white and shining; clear in tone.

silvery - examples of usage

  1. As many tall young ladies rose to offer you a seat, so that it was really difficult to know which way to turn, besides which the old grandfather with silvery hair pressed you to take his chair by the fire. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
  2. She had to cross a space washed in silvery light, taking the chance that nobody would see her. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
  3. The moon was up; and a cold, silvery light flooded the plain. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
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