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Shatter meaning

shatter - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. To be broken to pieces.
  2. 2. To break to pieces; disorder.

shatter - examples of usage

  1. Although, for reasons into which it is not necessary to enter here, only a comparatively small percentage of the efforts of the Independent Force were directed against the industrial targets for which the force had been created, yet by the end of the war the strategic conception of air power was bearing fruit, and the Air Ministry had in hand measures for bombing which would have gone far to shatter German munitionment.
  2. If it rained the next or for a week nothing would happen, but the moment the sun came out and dried the moisture, the light step of a cat on any pavement over which I had passed would instantly shatter to ruins the whole of Paris.
  3. With a very few drops I can shatter the whole quarry.
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