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Sail meaning

sail - 17 dictionary results

  1. 1. An extent of canvas or other fabric by means of which the wind is made serviceable as a power for propelling vessels through the water.
  2. 2. Anything resembling a sail, or regarded as a sail.
  3. 3. A wing; a van.
  4. 4. The extended surface of the arm of a windmill.
  5. 5. A sailing vessel; a vessel of any kind; a craft.
  6. 6. A passage by a sailing vessel; a journey or excursion upon the water.
  7. 7. To be impelled or driven forward by the action of wind upon sails, as a ship on water; to be impelled on a body of water by the action of steam or other power.
  8. 8. To move through or on the water; to swim, as a fish or a water fowl.
  9. 9. To be conveyed in a vessel on water; to pass by water; as, they sailed from London to Canton.
  10. 10. To set sail; to begin a voyage.
  11. 11. To move smoothly through the air; to glide through the air without apparent exertion, as a bird.
  12. 12. To pass or move upon, as in a ship, by means of sails; hence, to move or journey upon ( the water) by means of steam or other force.
  13. 13. To fly through; to glide or move smoothly through.
  14. 14. To direct or manage the motion of, as a vessel; as, to sail one's own ship.
  15. 15. A ship's canvas; ship or ships; trip in a vessel.
  16. 16. To be moved by sails or on the water; glide or float smoothly.
  17. 17. To navigate; fly through.

sail - examples of usage

  1. The captain saw the danger, and cried out to lower the sail. - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.
  2. Keep them away from the sail!" - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
  3. The sail hit it, or something. - "The Ghost Pirates", William Hope Hodgson.
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