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Sagacious meaning

sagacious - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. Of quick sense perceptions; keen- scented; skilled in following a trail.
  2. 2. Of keen perception; shrewd; wise.
  3. 3. Sagaciousness, sagacity.

sagacious - examples of usage

  1. Sagacious refers to a power of tracing the hidden or recondite by slight indications, as by instinct or intuition; it is not now applied to mere keenness of sense- perception. We do not call a hound sagacious in following a clear trail; but if he loses the scent, as at the edge of a stream, and circles around till he strikes it again, his conduct is said to be sagacious. In human affairs sagacious refers to a power of ready, far- reaching, and accurate inference from observed facts perhaps in themselves very slight, that seems like a special sense; or to a similar readiness to foresee the results of any action, especially upon human motives or conduct&# 8212; a kind of prophetic common sense. Sagacious is a broader and nobler word than shrewd, and not capable of the invidious sense which the latter word often bears; on the other hand, sagacious is less lofty and comprehensive than wise in its full sense, and more limited to matters of direct practical moment. Compare ASTUTE; WISDOM.
  2. When he was further initiated, he was consulted in important matters and met with better success; generally giving satisfaction by his wise and sagacious answers.
  3. And whom of all men, think you, courteous reader, this sagacious editor has chosen as an authority to ascertain the high antiquity of this practice?
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