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Sacrilege meaning

sacrilege - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. The sin or crime of violating or profaning sacred things; the alienating to laymen, or to common purposes, what has been appropriated or consecrated to religious persons or uses.
  2. 2. Profanation of sacred things or places.
  3. 3. Sacrilegious.

sacrilege - examples of usage

  1. The next turn brought us to a dwelling which we think it a sort of sacrilege to call a public- house.
  2. Quickly and silently as I could I slipped away into the darkness, filled with a sense of the sacrilege of my intrusion and the solemnity of the hour.
  3. Thereupon, they being all sharply whipped and absolved, they swore all of them that they would abide by the judgment of the church for sacrilege committed.
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