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Sabian meaning

Sabian - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Of or pertaining to Saba in Arabia, celebrated for producing aromatic plants.
  2. 2. Relating to the religion of Saba, or to the worship of the heavenly bodies.
  3. 3. An adherent of the Sabian religion; a worshiper of the heavenly bodies.
  4. 4. An adherent of the religion; a worshiper of the heavenly bodies.

Sabian - examples of usage

  1. The special interpretation of the strokes below, however, if it were established, would lead us to think that even then, so far back, there was the commencement of astrological superstition, and also, perhaps, of Sabian worship. - "Moon Lore", Timothy Harley.
  2. The stench of the sulphur lake will breathe Sabian odours for them over a couch of mud! - "Antonina", Wilkie Collins.
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