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Sabbatarian meaning

sabbatarian - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. One who regards and keeps the seventh day of the week as holy, agreeably to the letter of the fourth commandment in the Decalogue.
  2. 2. A strict observer of the Sabbath.
  3. 3. Of or pertaining to the Sabbath, or the tenets of Sabbatarians.
  4. 4. Pertaining to the Sabbath, or to the keeping of the Sabbath.
  5. 5. A rigid observer of the Sabbath.
  6. 6. A strict observer of the Sabbath, or of Sunday.

sabbatarian - examples of usage

  1. Pom, I want money as well as another- want it devilish bad- ' 'You have not been a Sabbatarian, as I was for two months last year, ' Mr. Pomeroy retorted, somewhat cooled by this wholesale rising among his allies, 'and walked out Sundays only for fear of the catchpolls. - "The Castle Inn", Stanley John Weyman.
  2. When He would discredit and expose the barbarism of the Mosaic Sabbatarian laws as interpreted by scribes and Pharisees, He does so by healing the sick and blind upon the Sabbath day. - "The Empire of Love", W. J. Dawson.
  3. Amongst the refugees for religious liberty who found their billet at Newport were many Jews, between whom and the Sabbatarians the community of the Sabbath was a strong tie, and amongst the formulas of prayer in use even down to my own boyhood I remember a common petition for the restoration of Israel; and the Sabbatarian eye of prophecy looked forward to the day when, in the peace of the millennium, the Jews in Jerusalem should be the witnesses of the faith of the Seventh- Day Baptist Church in the keeping alive the observance of the Eden repose initiated by the Creator. - "The Autobiography of a Journalist, Volume I", William James Stillman.
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