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Rude meaning

rude - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. Characterized by roughness; umpolished; raw; lacking delicacy or refinement; coarse.
  2. 2. Unformed by taste or skill; not nicely finished; not smoothed or polished; - said especially of material things; as, rude workmanship.
  3. 3. Of untaught manners; unpolished; of low rank; uncivil; clownish; ignorant; raw; unskillful; - said of persons, or of conduct, skill, and the like.
  4. 4. Violent; tumultuous; boisterous; inclement; harsh; severe; - said of the weather, of storms, and the like; as, the rude winter.
  5. 5. Barbarous; fierce; bloody; impetuous; - said of war, conflict, and the like; as, the rude shock of armies.
  6. 6. Not finished or complete; inelegant; lacking chasteness or elegance; not in good taste; unsatisfactory in mode of treatment; - said of literature, language, style, and the like.
  7. 7. Rough; unrefined; harsh; uncivil.

rude - examples of usage

  1. It was very rude. - "Mrs. Peter Rabbit", Thornton W. Burgess.
  2. It was very rude indeed. - "Mrs. Peter Rabbit", Thornton W. Burgess.
  3. " I'm not being rude," replied the other. - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
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