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Rove meaning

rove - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. To wander about.
  2. 2. To wander through.

rove - examples of usage

  1. The lilies are fair, down by the green grove, Where the brooklet glides through the dell; But I view not a lily so fair, while I rove, As the maid whose name I could tell.
  2. Bissula sought from preference the opposite side of the camp, facing the north, where the lofty pine- tree of the earth- goddess rose beside the broad sacrificial stones of the altar, spreading out its mighty branches, and from above the wall the eye could rove freely over the forests to the distant peaks where, veiled by mists, the Holy Mountain towered.
  3. The brig did not altogether escape from the fire of the enemy, who worked his guns rapidly; but whenever a brace was shot away it was quickly again rove, so that she was always kept well under command.
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