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Revoke meaning

revoke - 12 dictionary results

  1. 1. fail to follow suit when able and required to do so
  2. 2. To call or bring back; to recall.
  3. 3. Hence, to annul, by recalling or taking back; to repeal; to rescind; to cancel; to reverse, as anything granted by a special act; as, to revoke a will, a license, a grant, a permission, a law, or the like.
  4. 4. To hold back; to repress; to restrain.
  5. 5. To draw back; to withdraw.
  6. 6. To call back to mind; to recollect.
  7. 7. To fail to follow suit when holding a card of the suit led, in violation of the rule of the game; to renege.
  8. 8. The act of revoking.
  9. 9. To make of no effect by recalling; repeal; annul; as, to revoke a law or license.
  10. 10. In card playing, to fail to follow suit when able, in violation of the rules.
  11. 11. The act of thus failing to follow suit at cards.
  12. 12. To recall; repeal; reverse.

revoke - examples of usage

  1. Then fierce outbroke,- Knowledge, the child of pain shall we revoke?
  2. A little painful reflection seemed to show that to revoke it now would be rather inhuman and rather cowardly.
  3. Law after law has been made since that time, giving health officials power to revoke licenses of milk dealers and to send men to jail who violated milk laws. - "Civics and Health", William H. Allen.
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