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Reverseless meaning

Reverseless - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. Irreversible.

Reverseless - examples of usage

  1. E'en now thy lot shakes in the Urn, whence Fate Throws her pale edicts in reverseless doom! - "Original sonnets on various subjects; and odes paraphrased from Horace", Anna Seward.
  2. Then would I urge The strong contention and conflicting might Of chaos and creation, matching them, Those immemorial powers inimical, And all their stars and gulfs subservient- Dynasts of Time, and anarchs of the dark- In closer war reverseless; and would set New discord at the universal core, A Samson- principle to bring it down In one magnificence of ruin. - "The Star-Treader and other poems", Clark Ashton Smith.
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