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Renown meaning

renown - 4 dictionary results

  1. 1. Report of nobleness or exploits; praise.
  2. 2. To make famous; to give renown to.
  3. 3. The state of being much known and talked of; exalted reputation derived from the extensive praise of great achievements or accomplishments; fame; celebrity; - always in a good sense.
  4. 4. Fame; celebrity.

renown - examples of usage

  1. But now, within so short a time, the city's renown and wealth had faded like a dream. - "Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks", William Elliot Griffis.
  2. Perhaps the words of his colleague of more than twenty years make the best summary of his life and character: " Intense devotion to physical science and work of the laboratory, purity of speech and modesty of manner, fidelity to all duties, domestic, professional, and civic, fidelity to settled convictions and principles; above all, his long and illustrious career in educating so many thousands of the young, and in setting before them a model so worthy of their imitation and remembrance; these were the traits, this was the service that crowned his busy life of nearly ninety years with honor, admiration, and renown." - "The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University", Robert Peter.
  3. The task was a noble one, to make the career of the man she believed in and loved glorious, to bring him to renown. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.
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