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Redemption meaning

redemption - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. the act of purchasing back something previously sold
  2. 2. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, when the debtor obtains legal title to collateral for a debt by paying the creditor the replacement value of the collateral in a lump sum. For example, a debtor may redeem a car note by paying the lender the amount a retail vendor would charge for the car, considering its age and condition.
  3. 3. Act of redeeming; repurchase; deliverance.

redemption - examples of usage

  1. The transaction is concluded- past redemption.
  2. There was only one reason for the fact that this doctrine became for a short time the belief of the civilized world, the same reason that caused the success of the theory of the fall and redemption of man; to wit, that the deductions of this philosophical theory humoured the weak side of men's nature.
  3. The stock markets might collapse, and shares might fall beyond redemption.
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