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Recital meaning

recital - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. The act of reciting; the repetition of the words of another, or of a document; rehearsal; as, the recital of testimony.
  2. 2. A telling in detail and due order of the particulars of anything, as of a law, an adventure, or a series of events; narration.
  3. 3. That which is recited; a story; a narration.
  4. 4. The formal statement, or setting forth, of some matter of fact in any deed or writing in order to explain the reasons on which the transaction is founded; the statement of matter in pleading introductory to some positive allegation.
  5. 5. A vocal or instrumental performance by one person; - distinguished from concert; as, a song recital; an organ, piano, or violin recital.
  6. 6. Act of reciting; something recited.

recital - examples of usage

  1. Pray spare us any recital of horrors, Evadne!
  2. As Beaumarchais finished his long recital he turned and fixed his gaze steadily upon his adversary, who writhed under its spell.
  3. He listened to the simple recital of the facts.
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