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Raise meaning

raise - 34 dictionary results

  1. 1. an upward slope or grade ( as in a road); " the car couldn't make it up the rise"
  2. 2. put an end to; " lift a ban"; " raise a siege"
  3. 3. multiply ( a number) by itself a specified number of times: 8 is 2 raised to the power 3
  4. 4. activate or stir up; " raise a mutiny"
  5. 5. cause to be heard or known; express or utter; " raise a shout"; " raise a protest"; " raise a sad cry"
  6. 6. cause to assemble or enlist in the military; " raise an army"; " recruit new soldiers"
  7. 7. bet more than the previous player
  8. 8. in bridge: bid ( one's partner's suit) at a higher level
  9. 9. cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques; " The Bordeaux region produces great red wines"; " They produce good ham in Parma"; " We grow wheat here"; " We raise hogs here"
  10. 10. move upwards; " lift one's eyes"
  11. 11. cause to puff up with a leaven; " unleavened bread"
  12. 12. collect funds for a specific purpose; " The President raised several million dollars for his college"
  13. 13. To cause to rise; to bring from a lower to a higher place; to lift upward; to elevate; to heave; as, to raise a stone or weight.
  14. 14. To bring to a higher condition or situation; to elevate in rank, dignity, and the like; to increase the value or estimation of; to promote; to exalt; to advance; to enhance; as, to raise from a low estate; to raise to office; to raise the price, and the like.
  15. 15. To increase the strength, vigor, or vehemence of; to excite; to intensify; to invigorate; to heighten; as, to raise the pulse; to raise the voice; to raise the spirits or the courage; to raise the heat of a furnace.
  16. 16. To elevate in degree according to some scale; as, to raise the pitch of the voice; to raise the temperature of a room.
  17. 17. To cause to rise up, or assume an erect position or posture; to set up; to make upright; as, to raise a mast or flagstaff.
  18. 18. To cause to spring up from a recumbent position, from a state of quiet, or the like; to awaken; to arouse.
  19. 19. To rouse to action; to stir up; to incite to tumult, struggle, or war; to excite.
  20. 20. To bring up from the lower world; to call up, as a spirit from the world of spirits; to recall from death; to give life to.
  21. 21. To cause to arise, grow up, or come into being or to appear; to give rise to; to originate, produce, cause, effect, or the like.
  22. 22. To form by the accumulation of materials or constituent parts; to build up; to erect; as, to raise a lofty structure, a wall, a heap of stones.
  23. 23. To bring together; to collect; to levy; to get together or obtain for use or service; as, to raise money, troops, and the like.
  24. 24. To cause to grow; to procure to be produced, bred, or propagated; to grow; as, to raise corn, barley, hops, etc.; toraise cattle.
  25. 25. To give rise to; to set agoing; to occasion; to start; to originate; as, to raise a smile or a blush.
  26. 26. To give vent or utterance to; to utter; to strike up.
  27. 27. To bring to notice; to submit for consideration; as, to raise a point of order; to raise an objection.
  28. 28. To cause to rise, as by the effect of leaven; to make light and spongy, as bread.
  29. 29. To cause ( the land or any other object) to seem higher by drawing nearer to it; as, to raise Sandy Hook light.
  30. 30. To let go; as in the command, Raise tacks and sheets, i. e., Let go tacks and sheets.
  31. 31. To create or constitute; as, to raise a use, that is, to create it.
  32. 32. To bring into being; to produce; to cause to arise, come forth, or appear; - often with up.
  33. 33. To let go; as in the command, tacks and sheets, i. e., Let go tacks and sheets.
  34. 34. To lift; erect; produce; breed; excite; collect.

raise - examples of usage

  1. He tried to raise her. - "The Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four Macnicols", William Black.
  2. They think that the employer can raise the price of his goods, or that he can well afford to pay the difference out of his own great profits. - "Political economy", W. Stanley Jevons.
  3. The King would like it not if I allowed it here; he might say it was indeed truth what mine enemies say of me, that I plan to raise myself above them." - "The Princess Pocahontas", Virginia Watson.
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