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Rag meaning

rag - 18 dictionary results

  1. 1. a boisterous practical joke ( especially by college students)
  2. 2. a small piece of cloth or paper
  3. 3. a week at British universities during which side- shows and processions of floats are organized to raise money for charities
  4. 4. break into lumps before sorting; " rag ore"
  5. 5. play in ragtime; " rag that old tune"
  6. 6. To play or compose ( a piece, melody, etc.) in syncopated time.
  7. 7. To dance to ragtime music, esp. in some manner considered indecorous.
  8. 8. To scold or rail at; to rate; to tease; to torment; to banter.
  9. 9. A piece of cloth torn off; a tattered piece of cloth; a shred; a tatter; a fragment.
  10. 10. Hence, mean or tattered attire; worn- out dress.
  11. 11. A shabby, beggarly fellow; a ragamuffin.
  12. 12. A coarse kind of rock, somewhat cellular in texture.
  13. 13. A ragged edge.
  14. 14. A sail, or any piece of canvas.
  15. 15. To become tattered.
  16. 16. To break ( ore) into lumps for sorting.
  17. 17. To cut or dress roughly, as a grindstone.
  18. 18. A fragment of cloth.

rag - examples of usage

  1. I’ d rather not have a rag to wear than a thing everyone’ s sick of the sight of.
  2. I sat up and the rag fell off my eye.
  3. He dressed himself accordingly, and, taking his gathered coin from its hiding- place, wrapped every piece separately in a bit of rag, slid it into his deep pocket, and sewed the pocket up.
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