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Radical meaning

radical - 16 dictionary results

  1. 1. especially of leaves; located at the base of a plant or stem; especially arising directly from the root or rootstock or a root- like stem; " basal placentation"; " radical leaves"
  2. 2. Of or pertaining to the root; proceeding directly from the root.
  3. 3. Hence: Of or pertaining to the root or origin; reaching to the center, to the foundation, to the ultimate sources, to the principles, or the like; original; fundamental; thorough- going; unsparing; extreme; as, radical evils; radical reform; a radical party.
  4. 4. Belonging to, or proceeding from, the root of a plant; as, radical tubers or hairs.
  5. 5. Proceeding from a rootlike stem, or one which does not rise above the ground; as, the radical leaves of the dandelion and the sidesaddle flower.
  6. 6. Relating, or belonging, to the root, or ultimate source of derivation; as, a radical verbal form.
  7. 7. Of or pertaining to a radix or root; as, a radical quantity; a radical sign. See below.
  8. 8. A primitive word; a radix, root, or simple, underived, uncompounded word; an etymon.
  9. 9. A primitive letter; a letter that belongs to the radix.
  10. 10. A characteristic, essential, and fundamental constituent of any compound; hence, sometimes, an atom.
  11. 11. Specifically, a group of two or more atoms, not completely saturated, which are so linked that their union implies certain properties, and are conveniently regarded as playing the part of a single atom; a residue; -- called also a compound radical. Cf. Residue.
  12. 12. A radical quantity. See under Radical, a.
  13. 13. A radical vessel. See under Radical, a.
  14. 14. One who advocates radical changes in government or social institutions, especially such changes as are intended to level class inequalities; - opposed to conservative.
  15. 15. A root; primitive word; one who advocates a fundamental change in principles of government.
  16. 16. Original; rooted; implanted by nature; reaching to the principles; pertaining to radicals.

radical - examples of usage

  1. Even the judge in the city; and was eventually invited to represent a Dorsetshire constituency in Parliament in the Radical interest.
  2. You are some kind of radical!" - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
  3. Certainly nothing that could be called a radical change has been brought to pass; but then, is there any reason to suppose that radical changes were either sought or desired by those who have been active in the movement? - "A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer", William Reed Huntington.
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