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Rabble meaning

rabble - 10 dictionary results

  1. 1. An iron bar, with the end bent, used in stirring or skimming molten iron in the process of puddling.
  2. 2. To stir or skim with a rabble, as molten iron.
  3. 3. To speak in a confused manner.
  4. 4. A tumultuous crowd of vulgar, noisy people; a mob; a confused, disorderly throng.
  5. 5. A confused, incoherent discourse; a medley of voices; a chatter.
  6. 6. Of or pertaining to a rabble; like, or suited to, a rabble; disorderly; vulgar.
  7. 7. To insult, or assault, by a mob; to mob; as, to rabble a curate.
  8. 8. To utter glibly and incoherently; to mouth without intelligence.
  9. 9. To rumple; to crumple.
  10. 10. A disorderly crowd; lowest class of people.

rabble - examples of usage

  1. Do you know that our innumerable armies are a Chinese rabble of cowards and traitors?
  2. It used to be rabble- chosen, as our ceremonies imply.
  3. It is atrocious that men like my Uncle Stephen, and you, and Simeon, should be succeeded by the rabble!
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