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Rabbet meaning

rabbet - 9 dictionary results

  1. 1. cut a rectangualr groove into
  2. 2. To cut a rabbet in; to furnish with a rabbet.
  3. 3. To unite the edges of, as boards, etc., in a rabbet joint.
  4. 4. A longitudinal channel, groove, or recess cut out of the edge or face of any body; especially, one intended to receive another member, so as to break or cover the joint, or more easily to hold the members in place; thus, the groove cut for a panel, for a pane of glass, or for a door, is a rabbet, or rebate.
  5. 5. Same as joint, below.
  6. 6. A groove or cut, made in the edge of one plank, etc., so that another may fit into it.
  7. 7. To join, as parts cut or grooved to fit together.
  8. 8. A groove in a board, & c.
  9. 9. To channel out, as the edge of a board.

rabbet - examples of usage

  1. Inherent in the bench planes is a feeling of motion, particularly in the plow and the rabbet where basic design alone conveys the idea that they were meant to move over fixed surfaces. - "Woodworking Tools 1600-1900", Peter C. Welsh.
  2. Nay Mr. Molyneux, the Prince's Secretary, a very inquisitive person, and my very worthy friend, assured me he had at first so great a diffidence in the truth of the fact, and was so little biassed by the other believers, even by the King himself, that he would not be satisfied till he was permitted both to see and feel the rabbet, in that very passage, whence we all come into this world. - "A Poetical Review of the Literary and Moral Character of the late Samuel Johnson (1786)", John Courtenay.
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