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Purpose meaning

purpose - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. That which a person sets before himself as an object to be reached or accomplished; the end or aim to which the view is directed in any plan, measure, or exertion; view; aim; design; intention; plan.
  2. 2. Proposal to another; discourse.
  3. 3. Instance; example.
  4. 4. To set forth; to bring forward.
  5. 5. To propose, as an aim, to one's self; to determine upon, as some end or object to be accomplished; to intend; to design; to resolve; -- often followed by an infinitive or dependent clause.
  6. 6. To have a purpose or intention; to discourse.
  7. 7. Aim; intention; effect.

purpose - examples of usage

  1. But the Bishop was by no means sure that he could hold them back from their purpose. - "The Shepherd of the North", Richard Aumerle Maher.
  2. I got ready on purpose. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  3. " If it is used for that purpose, we can ask no more. - "They Call Me Carpenter", Upton Sinclair.
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