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Priesthood meaning

priesthood - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. The office or character of a priest; the priestly function.
  2. 2. Priests, taken collectively; the order of men set apart for sacred offices; the order of priests.
  3. 3. Office of a priest; order of priests.

priesthood - examples of usage

  1. The churl was elected to represent the Pope; the buffoon was made a cardinal; and the lowest of the mob assumed for the time being the garb of the priesthood, and took possession of churches, where they parodied every part of the sacred service, and sang masses composed of obscene songs.
  2. The legends of the saints were carefully taught by the priesthood, and the day as religiously observed.
  3. Not in times long past, neither by the sanguinary priesthood of Azteca, but by men of white skin and European race- their victim a black and an African.
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