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Popular meaning

popular - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. Of or pertaining to the common people, or to the whole body of the people, as distinguished from a select portion; as, the popular voice; popular elections.
  2. 2. Suitable to common people; easy to be comprehended; not abstruse; familiar; plain.
  3. 3. Adapted to the means of the common people; possessed or obtainable by the many; hence, cheap; common; ordinary; inferior; as, popular prices; popular amusements.
  4. 4. Beloved or approved by the people; pleasing to people in general, or to many people; as, a popular preacher; a popular law; a popular administration.
  5. 5. Devoted to the common people; studious of the favor of the populace.
  6. 6. Prevailing among the people; epidemic; as, a popular disease.
  7. 7. Pertaining to the people; pleasing to, or prevailing among, the people.
  8. 8. Popularity.

popular - examples of usage

  1. Blenkins was extremely popular. - "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer", W. C. Scully.
  2. My sister was very popular with the military set. - "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer", W. C. Scully.
  3. Therefore, he is popular, and people have faith in him. - "Hodge and His Masters", Richard Jefferies.
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