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Populace meaning

populace - 1 dictionary results

  1. 1. The common people; the vulgar; the multitude, -- comprehending all persons not distinguished by rank, office, education, or profession.

populace - examples of usage

  1. Hence the wild enthusiasm with which these productions were greeted, an enthusiasm in which the aristocracy themselves joined, eager as the populace to laugh, for exactly the same reason as Figaro, so that they might not be obliged to weep.
  2. The time was ripe for a revolution among the dark- skinned populace of the large cities of the Island Empire and many confusing circumstances combined to add to the confusion of sentiments entertained toward the government by those who suffered from its rulings.
  3. In this way the products of the soil upon which man is so largely dependent for sustenance would be materially affected, and without the assistance of these animals the supply would diminish to the extent of actual starvation for vast numbers of the world's populace.
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