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Poison meaning

poison - 8 dictionary results

  1. 1. administer poison to; " She poisoned her husband but he did not die"
  2. 2. Any agent which, when introduced into the animal organism, is capable of producing a morbid, noxious, or deadly effect upon it; as, morphine is a deadly poison; the poison of pestilential diseases.
  3. 3. That which taints or destroys moral purity or health; as, the poison of evil example; the poison of sin.
  4. 4. To put poison upon or into; to infect with poison; as, to poison an arrow; to poison food or drink.
  5. 5. To taint; to corrupt; to vitiate; as, vice poisons happiness; slander poisoned his mind.
  6. 6. To act as, or convey, a poison.
  7. 7. A deadly, infectious, or noxious substance.
  8. 8. To infect, kill, or mingle, with poison; taint; embitter.

poison - examples of usage

  1. Something in her- that no fever or poison or death could take away- something for him! - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.
  2. " He was given poison! - "The Crevice", William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander.
  3. The thing to do is to clear the poison out of the blood, and the only way is to find what has caused it. - "A Handbook of Health", Woods Hutchinson.
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