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Pliny meaning

Pliny - 2 dictionary results

  1. 1. Roman author of an encylclopedic natural history; died while observing the eruption of Vesuvius ( 23- 79)
  2. 2. Roman writer and nephew of Pliny the Elder; author of books of letters that commented on affairs of the day ( 62- 113)

Pliny - examples of usage

  1. How happily the later Romans employed this form in prose and verse is sufficiently proved by the letters of Cicero and Pliny, and the metrical Epistles of Horace. - "The Roman Poets of the Republic", W. Y. Sellar.
  2. The antagonism displayed by Lucilius to the more ambitious style of the tragic and epic poets was perhaps as much due to his own deficiency in poetical imagination, as to his keen critical discernment, the 'stili nasus' or 'emunctae nares' attributed to him by Pliny and Horace. - "The Roman Poets of the Republic", W. Y. Sellar.
  3. Holland's Pliny, for example, addresses itself not only to peasants and artisans but to young students, who " by the light of the English ... - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.
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