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Perilous meaning

perilous - 3 dictionary results

  1. 1. Full of, attended with, or involving, peril; dangerous; hazardous; as, a perilous undertaking.
  2. 2. Daring; reckless; dangerous.
  3. 3. Dangerous.

perilous - examples of usage

  1. When night came on, he set out on this perilous expedition. - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.
  2. As M'Ilraith had no cavalry, his situation became perilous in the extreme. - "A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion", William Dobein James.
  3. Therefore, it was almost without express permission that Ned slipped away from his train and his escort upon his exceedingly perilous errand. - "Ahead of the Army", W. O. Stoddard.
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