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Perfume meaning

perfume - 6 dictionary results

  1. 1. fill or impregnate with an odor; " orange blossoms prerfumed the air in the garden"
  2. 2. To fill or impregnate with a perfume; to scent.
  3. 3. The scent, odor, or odoriferous particles emitted from a sweet- smelling substance; a pleasant odor; fragrance; aroma.
  4. 4. A substance that emits an agreeable odor.
  5. 5. A sweet odor; fragrant substance.
  6. 6. To scent.

perfume - examples of usage

  1. If we attempt to keep it for some time by deliberately smelling a fragrant flower or any perfume, we begin to have a sense of failure as if we had exhausted the sense, keen as it was a moment ago. - "Afoot in England", W.H. Hudson.
  2. He paid closer attention; and presently, began to get a perfume. - "Son of Power", Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.
  3. The perfume of her skin was in his nostrils, his mouth; stealing away his honor. - "Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course", W. B. M. Ferguson.
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