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Perform meaning

perform - 7 dictionary results

  1. 1. carry out or perform an action; " John did the painting, the weeding, and he cleaned out the gutters"; " the skater executed a triple pirouette"; " she did a little dance"
  2. 2. To carry through; to bring to completion; to achieve; to accomplish; to execute; to do.
  3. 3. To discharge; to fulfill; to act up to; as, to perform a duty; to perform a promise or a vow.
  4. 4. To represent; to act; to play; as in drama.
  5. 5. To do, execute, or accomplish something; to acquit one's self in any business; esp., to represent sometimes by action; to act a part; to play on a musical instrument; as, the players perform poorly; the musician performs on the organ.
  6. 6. To do thoroughly; execute; act.
  7. 7. To do; act; play, as on an instrument.

perform - examples of usage

  1. And has he got a guarantee that it will perform every night?" - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
  2. " Ally," he says, " he's going to perform the full Beta procedure on you. - "Syndrome", Thomas Hoover.
  3. He swore this man could perform a miracle for me. - "Syndrome", Thomas Hoover.
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