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Party meaning

party - 13 dictionary results

  1. 1. A part or portion.
  2. 2. A number of persons united in opinion or action, as distinguished from, or opposed to, the rest of a community or association; esp., one of the parts into which a people is divided on questions of public policy.
  3. 3. A part of a larger body of company; a detachment; especially ( Mil.), a small body of troops dispatched on special service.
  4. 4. A number of persons invited to a social entertainment; a select company; as, a dinner party; also, the entertainment itself; as, to give a party.
  5. 5. One concerned or interested in an affair; one who takes part with others; a participator; as, he was a party to the plot; a party to the contract.
  6. 6. The plaintiff or the defendant in a lawsuit, whether an individual, a firm, or corporation; a litigant.
  7. 7. Hence, any certain person who is regarded as being opposed or antagonistic to another.
  8. 8. Cause; side; interest.
  9. 9. Parted or divided, as in the direction or form of one of the ordinaries; as, an escutcheon party per pale.
  10. 10. Partial; favoring one party.
  11. 11. Partly.
  12. 12. A person, corporation or other legal entity that files a lawsuit ( the plaintiff or petitioner) or defends against one ( the defendant or respondent).
  13. 13. Number of persons united for some purpose or interest; assembly; one concerned in any affair.

party - examples of usage

  1. But he did not take a side, at least not a party side. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.
  2. Tell us about your party." - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
  3. Oh, the family party. - "Night and Day", Virginia Woolf.
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